Las Vegas At Home Casino Pai-Gow Poker is programmed with Atlantic City Poker rules with no exceptions.


The objective of Pai Gow Poker is for both of the player's two hands (denoted the high and low hands) to rank higher than both of the bankers two hands. The player receives seven cards and makes two traditional poker hands - one of five cards (the high hand), another of two (the low hand). The rankings of the two hands are based upon a basic poker ranking. Thus, the highest two-card hand is two aces and the highest five-card hand is five aces (four aces + the joker). In order to win, both of the player's hands must rank higher than the banker's.


The player begins by placing a wager on the Pai Gow table. To do this, the player must select the desired amount of chips from the tray in the bottom right hand corner of the Casino screen and click on the red circle in the middle of the Pai Gow table. Once the wager is placed, the player may press the "DEAL" button and the dealer deals the player seven cards face up and himself seven cards face down. One standard deck of 52 cards plus one joker is used. The joker is not wild but can be used only as an ace or as a card to complete a straight, a flush, a straight flush or a royal flush.

After the player has his seven cards, he must form two hands. The low hand must contain two cards and the high hand five cards. To do this, the player must select the two cards that he wishes to be in the low hand by clicking on them and press "Done". You may unselect cards the cards to go to the low hand by clicking them again. The rank of the five card high hand must be higher than the rank of the two card low hand or the hand is forfeit and the wager is lost automatically.

Once the player has set both hands, the dealer will split his cards according to fixed house rules and will then compare the players hand rank with his own. To win the wager, the player's low and high hand must both rank higher than the dealer's low and high hand, respectively. If one of the player's hands is higher in rank than the dealer's and the other is lower or equal, this is a tie and the player's wager is returned. Otherwise, the player's wager is lost. If both hands are identical, the dealer also wins.

The hand rankings are as follows (from highest to lowest):

    Five Aces
    Royal Flush
    Straight Flush
    Four of a Kind
    Full House
    Three of a Kind
    Two Pairs
    One Pair
    High Card

Note: When comparing two high hands or two low hands which are of identical poker and hand rank, the hand which contains the highest ranking card shall be considered the higher ranking hand. If the two hands are of identical rank after this comparison, the hands are considered a copy hand and the dealer wins.


Every time a player wins a hand he is paid even money less a 5% commission. No commission is collected on losing hands or ties. Thus, a $10 winning wager will return $19.50 (his $10 wager plus $10 in winnings minus the $0.50 commission).


    $1 minimum bet.
    $300 maximum bet.


    New Jersey Casino Control Commission: Atlantic City Casino with no exceptions.


0Repeat last bet
EnterDeal, Done
1,2,3,4,5,6,7Toggle Status of the Cards
Del(".")Remove Bets - Cash Out while chat window is closed
Up ArrowIncrease bet by $1
Down ArrowDecrease bet by $1
"<Shift>Up Arrow"Increase bet by $10
"<Shift>Down Arrow"Decrease bet by $10


In every game there are three menu options (Exit, Effects and Help). By either pressing "<Alt>X" or left clicking on the Exit choice, the player may exit the game. The Effects options ("<Alt> E ") allows the player to turn off the Sound, Voice and Animation (where applicable) during the game. The Help option ("<Alt> H") explains different aspects of the current game.

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